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Highway Spills

Roadways spill cleanups are some of the most challenging to deal with. Traffic control is the primary safety challenge aside from dealing with containing the spill from spreading or even worse, from entering the watershed. Company owned traffic control assets along with heavy equipment ensure quick and complete mobilization without having to wait for a rental company to deliver equipment. That translates into safer sites, quicker containment of the spill, less environmental impact, and reduced costs.

Property Spills Services near Me - Nusens Contracting LTD - Best Contracting Services in Canada - Toronto - Halifax and Vancouver

Property Spills

Spills on properties are not limited to one off accidents. Underground tanks or lines can leak over time without being immediately detected. Nusens handles both contamination removal as well as in situ remediations. Company owned haulage and heavy equipment combined with partnerships with industry leading environmental engineering companies to ensure that each spill has a site-specific scope of work developed to clean the environment and prevent unnecessary expense.

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Airport Spills

Airport and aerodrome environments, whether for fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, require added safety measures and procedures to prevent a spill cleanup from turning into a new insurance claim.
Nusens has a long history of commitment to aviation through COPA (Canadian Owners & Pilot’s Association) and active participation in the GA (general aviation) and commercial sectors both as contractors and active participation as pilots.

Marina Spills - Oil Spill Clean up - Environmental Spill Clean up - Biohazard Spill Cleanup in Toronto - Halifax and Vancouver

Marina Spills

Water spills are extremely hazardous to the environment and people alike. Rapid response and containment are vital to minimizing damage and costs. Nusens has an inventory of materials and assets dedicated for such spills available 24/7 to respond to any shoreline proximity incident including absorption socks, inflatable booms, cement, sandbags, temporary storage containers, and trailered vessels.

Our Promise

1 – Reduced environmental impact.

2 – Significant cost savings.

and here’s how we do it…

We own all the heavy equipment we use - Nusens Contracting LTD - Best Niche Contracting Services Company in Canada - Toronto - Halifax - Calgary - Vancouver

Owning all of our own heavy equipment including excavators, skid steers, backhoes, equipment floats and dump trucks ensures that no matter at what time of the day a spill occurs, we will be able to handle the job without relying on rental companies or sub-contractors who either aren’t available after-hours or simply don’t have the necessary equipment at the moment it is needed. We even own our own portable bathrooms and office trailers. The faster we can begin the cleanup, the less damage there is to the environment and the greater the cost savings are.

We Have our own traffic control equipment - Nusens Contracting LTD - Niche Contracting Services in Canada - Toronto - Halifax - Vancouver - Environmental Spills Services near me

Most oil spill remediation contractors rely on third-party companies to handle the road closure element to a roadway spill. Depending on the time of the spill or location, it can be difficult to secure a traffic control contractor and it might take hours before they can be on site. Owning all of our own arrow boards, attenuator (crash) trucks, pylons, signs and night lighting combined with having certified staff to perform this work ensures that there is no delay in setting up traffic control which enables the spill cleanup to start sooner. The earlier we can contain and begin cleaning a spill, the less damage there is to the environment and the greater the cost savings are.

We make sure to do the job well - Nusens Contracting Environmental Spills Services in Canada - Vancouver

We not only contain and clean up the spill, we also completely reinstate the site to its’ prior condition. Our reinstatement services include, earth grading, shoulder reinstatement, guard rail and light pole replacement, asphalt and concrete repairs as well as hard/soft landscaping. This service is performed by our own staff and is not subcontracted. Performing this work inhouse ensures faster turnaround times and better-quality control not to mention providing a one-stop-shop for our clients.

24 Hour Emergency Response - Nusens Contracting Environmental Spills Services - Niche Contracting Services in Canada - Toronto - Halifax - Calgary - Vancouver

Our toll-free number provides our clients with 24/7 access directly to our staff, not an answering service. No matter the weather conditions or time of day, our forces mobilize and are enroute within 2hrs of receiving the call.

Daily Job Reporting - Nusens Contracting Environmental Spills Services - Best Niche Contracting Company in Canada - Toronto - Halifax - Vancouver - Calgary

During a spill cleanup there is a lot going on for all parties. We aim to alleviate our clients’ stress and that starts with great communication during all phases of work. From the time our forces mobilize, through the cleanup and up to demobilization, our clients are kept up-to-speed with the progress of the job through emails, pics and Daily Job Reports which includes all job-specific critical information including detailed time sheets, equipment lists, traffic control setup along with all of the safety documentation and permitting.

Full Project Oversight - Nusens Contracting LTD - Environmental Spills Services - Niche Contracting Services in Canada Toronto - Halifax - Calgary - Vancouver

Highway, marina, airport and property spills all pose their unique challenges and risks. Every spill cleanup is staffed by trained, certified and highly experienced staff who undergo yearly retraining and certification. The machine operators, truck drivers, labourers, foreman, supervisors and project managers all have extensive experience in dealing with oil spills and many years of working together as part of the same team. Every site is overseen by an environmental engineer/consultant to ensure that the level of remediation is at or above industry standards with full accountability and traceability including both on-site soil/water tests as well as those performed afterwards by an accredited laboratory. Whether our clients have their own preferred list of environmental engineering firms or would like us to provide one, no job is ever performed without one.

We are the preferred vendor for several major insurance companies - Nusens Niche Contracting Services in Canada - Contracting Services near me - Environmental Spills

We are proud to be the preferred vendor for several major insurance companies and adjusters regarding environmental spill cleanups. Our non-insurance clients benefit from the stringent standards and rigorous vetting we undergo to acquire and maintain our preferred vendor status. 

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